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(Last modified: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 4:09pm)

Text messages and contacts

We all receive notification text messages from Credit Card companies, Banks, the Postal Service, UPS, Amazon, etc.

These notifications can be very handy when you are expecting a package delivery, or want to know when you credit card statement is available. The text messages though are usually not shown as coming from a phone number, like your other texts, but from a 4 or 5 digit SMS number. If you read the text you might be able to figure out who it is from, but "Your statement is available" will probably leave you guessing about which credit card sent the message.

To make these mystery messages easier to interpret, add a contact to your phone with the name of the sender and add the SMS number as a mobile number for the contact. Your texts should now show the contact name instead of just the SMS number.

If you want to make it even easier (as well a dress it up a bit), go to Google Images and search for the logo of the sender, download the image file, then upload as the contact picture. Now you not only see the name, but the logo of the sender.

If a sender uses more than one SMS number, add the additional SMS number(s) as additional phone numbers to the same contact.