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(Last modified: Friday, October 6, 2017 5:28 pm)

2014 Nissan Altima XM Radio Title and Artist not shown

While on the 3 month XM Radio trial, the song title and artist was displayed on all stations. Right after changing from the trial to a 6 month promotional subscription, the title and artist were no longer shown.

Sirius XM Support by phone and by e-mail had no information about this problem. The Nissan dealer said they had not heard about this problem, however, a number of reports were found on the internet describing exactly the same problem.

Solution: Initialize the Radio
*** WARNING *** This procedure resets everything, including all radio preset buttons, the clock, and bluetooth pairings, so write down all the radio preset stations before you do this.

  1. Push start with foot off brake to turn on accessory mode.
  2. Turn radio off
  3. Hold down radio preset button 1 and turn volume control up (clockwise) until diagnostics screen appears.
  4. Turn Tune-Scroll knob to select "Confirmation / Adjustment", press "Enter Setting" button.
  5. Turn Tune-Scroll to "Initialize Settings", press "Enter Setting" button to initialize the radio.
  6. Set radio presets and pair bluetooth cell phones.