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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

TXT2WPrt - Copyright (C) 2008, Incode Systems, Inc.

Usage: [-options] TextFile [Printer]

TXT2WPrt prints TextFile, a standard text file, to the
default Windows printer. TextFile is assumed to contain
plain text with lines delimited by carriage return,
line feed (ASCII 13,10) sequences, or just line feed, and
pages delimited by form feed (ASCII 12) characters.
If the bottom of the page is reached before a form feed,
a form feed is automatically inserted.

-FONT:FontName:Size[,Bold,Italic,Underline] Examples:
"-FONT:Arial Black:12,Bold,Italic"
Lists printer fonts for the default printer and ends
Suppress floating point errors
Print in Landscape (long edge is top of page)
(Printer Dialog may override)
Displays Printer Dialog
Lists printer names to std out and ends
Set print job title

Version 0.9.2
To see complete usage, type: TXT2WPrt /? | MORE