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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

touch - Copyright (C) 2010-2012, Incode Systems, Inc. mailto:sales1Usage: FileName

touch changes both the last access and last modified time
of FileName to the current time. FileName is created if not found.

FileName may contain wildcards (?,*).

If FileName begins with the name following is assumed
to be a text file containing the names of files to touch.
Leading and trailing blanks are trimmed, and blank lines
or lines with ; as the first character are skipped.
Use by itself to read the standard input.

Change only the access time.
-c, --no-create
Do not create files.
Also change creation time.
Use given date (format per system settings).
Increase current file date by n days (negative to decrease).
Round file time to FAT time (nearest 2 seconds).
Change only the modified time.
Increase current file time by n minutes (negative to decrease).
-r, -reference (self-reference)
Change modified and/or access time to creation time.
When used with -fat option, converts existing time(s) to FAT time.
-r=filename, -reference=filename
Use time of reference file instead of current time.
Use given time (format per system settings).

Version 1.0.3
mailto:sales1To see complete usage, type touch /? | more