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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

TextCopy - Copyright (C) 2011, Incode Systems, Inc. sales1Version 2.0.1

Usage: [options] FirstLine NumLines [InFile] [OutFile]
FirstLine is the first line to be copied (1=first line in file)
If FirstLine is 0, the LAST NumLines are copied.

NumLines is the number of lines to be copied.
0 NumLines, or a number greater than lines remaining,
may be used to copy the remainder of the file.

If InFile is not given, default is the standard input.
If OutFile is not given, default is the standard output

If OutFile was created (not appended), it is deleted
if no lines were copied.

-a append OutFile (default is to overwrite OutFile)

TextCopy counts lines by finding linefeed characters (ASCII 10),
so it works with both CRLF and LF delimited text files.

ERRORLEVEL is 1 for a command line syntax error,
any other is an I/O error.

To see complete usage type: TextCopy -? | MORE