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(02-24-1994 11:43am TERMINAL.EXE)
TERMINAL is a fully interrupt driven communications program,
which may be configured through the command line and/or environment.
Environment table spec: MODEM=1 (or MODEM=COM1:) may be used
to override the default communications port.

TERMINAL does not initialize the protocol on the COM port
and does not hangup the phone when exiting. This allows you to
start a communications session, exit to DOS with the connection
intact, run other programs, then run TERMINAL again to resume the session.
Hangup should be performed manually with modem commands, or with
a command line utility like MODEMRST.

If you want to initialize the COM port, issue the DOS MODE command:
MODE COMn:Baud,Parity,Databits,Stopbits
Where: n is the number of the COM port 1-4
Example: Mode COM1:2400,N,8,1
just prior to calling TERMINAL. This can be done automatically batch.