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(06-18-2001 1:43pm TABAPEND.EXE)
Usage: Infile1 Infile2 [Outfile]
Reads Infile1 and Infile2 and writes Outfile
If Outfile is omitted, output is the DOS Standard Output Device
Infile1 and Infile2 are assumed to be tab delimited text files.
Each line of Outfile is a line from Infile1 with a line from Infile2
appended and separated with a tab character (ASCII 9).
Infile1 is considered the master file, so if Infile2 contains more
lines than Infile1, they are ignored.
If Infile1 contains more lines than Infile2, they are contained
in Outfile with nothing appended.

Unlimited line length.