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(Windows Program Win95 or higher)

Usage: [options] FileName [Parameters]
FileName to be executed
Parameters to be passed to registered program.

Usage: .ext FileName [Parameters]
Example: .doc myfile.doc /a /b /c
Opens the program registered to the .doc extension with the parameters:
myfile.doc /a /b /c
Example: .doc
Opens the program registered to the .doc extension.
The fully qualified path to the registered program is written to the
standard output device.

If FileName is given without Parameters, FileName is launched.

If FileName is given with Parameters, the program registered to
FileName is launched with the given Parameters.

If FileName is FileName is read from standard input device.

Writes fully qualified program associated with file or extension
-ShowCmd: is one of the following (default is SHOWNORMAL):
Verbose option displays status of program executing
-Wait (or -W)
waits until launched file closes.
-WorkDir:d: Changes working directory to drive d: and path

Options or FileName containing spaces should be double quoted,
Parameters should not be double quoted.

ERRORLEVEL is set for each kind of error and message written
to the standard error device.

StartExt - Copyright (C) 2004-2011, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 1.1 mailto:sales1(to read entire help, type: StartExt /? | MORE