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(Windows Program Win95 or higher)

SQLParms - Copyright (C) 2009-2010, Incode Systems, Inc.

Usage: [options] [InputSQLFile [OutputSQLFile] [ParmListFile]]

SQLParms parses InputSQLFile as a SQL statement containing 0 or more
named parameters in the form :ParameterName. SQLParms then writes an ANSI
standard SQL file to OutputSQLFile replacing the named parameters with the
standard SQL parameter marker ("?") and a tab-delimited list of parameter
names to ParmListFile.

-dp Parameters - sets ERRORLEVEL to indicate parameters used"-GetParmsCmd:line for GetParms ParmListFile is converted to a GetParms command line.
Identical parameters automatically duplicated so user enters them once
-l ParmListFile is read, InputSQLFile named parameters replaced with literals
Allows executing parametized SQL with processor that does not do parameters.
Header in ParmListFile is matched to named parameters (with prefix removed).
Only matching columns are used, other columns are ignored.
-rc SQL comments-rc- not remove SQL comments (default)-RC remove SQL comments (do not process named parameters)-RC- not only remove SQL comments (default)-rt type prefix from named parameters-unique unique parms are returned in ParmListFile with 2nd line as a mapIf InputSQLFile is not given, the standard input device is used.
If OutputSQLFile or ParmListFile is not given, standard output is used.

ERRORLEVEL is set to:
1 - SQL contains unterminated identifier (")
1 - Standard parameter found (?), when -dp option used
2 - SQL contains unterminated character literal (')
2 - Named parameter found (:), when -dp option used
3 - InputSQLFile does not exist
4 - Unable to open InputSQLFile
5 - Unable to read from InputSQLFile
6 - Unable to open OutputSQLFile
7 - Unable to write to OutputSQLFile
8 - Unable to open ParmListFile
9 - Unable to write to ParmListFile

Version 1.0.0 mailto:sales1To see complete usage, type: SQLParms /? | MORE