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(Windows Program Win95 or higher)

SQL2XLS creates and edits SQX files which are executed by SQL2XLSx.

SQL2XLS (Version 0.9 11/2/2004)
Excel Spreadsheet output from any ODBC Data Source

SQL2XLS is a 32 bit Windows program requiring Windows 95 or Windows NT (or newer).

SQL2XLS executes a SQL statement and creates a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing the result set from the query.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) standard is used to connect to the database, so any database with an ODBC driver (virtually all of them) may be used to create spreadsheets.

OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technology is used to create the spreadsheet, so spreadsheets are created in whatever version of Excel you have installed.

If you want your data in a format that may be saved from an Excel spreadsheet, see XLS2File to automatically save the spreadsheet to another format (

SQL2XLS may also be used to create a tab-delimited text file from a SQL statement instead of an Excel spreadsheet. If the Format line of the grid on the Columns page is supplied, the data in the tab file is formatted accordingly. Some formats which work in Excel may not work for tab files, and a format is available for tab files which does not work in Excel. Columns of type Bit (or boolean) are normally output as 1 or 0. A format may be supplied for these columns consisting of a word or two words separated by a semi-colon (;). For example, True;False as the format will output the word True for bit values 1 and False for values 0. Other suggestions are Yes;No and T;F. If the format Yes is used, value 1 will be output as Yes and value 0 will be output as an empty string. Likewise, if the format ;No is used, value 1 will be output as an empty string and value 0 will be output as No.