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(Windows 95 or higher)
(08-09-2002 4:12pm SHOWMSG.EXE)

Usage: [-Option] MessageFile [CancelFile]


MessageFile is the name of a text file containing a message to be displayed.

CancelFile is optional, and is the name of a file to be created if the user presses the Cancel Button.
To display the Cancel button and close immediately, use NUL as the cancel file name.

"-t:Dialog Title" (Surround with double quotes if contains a space)
-x:n Left Position of dialog box
-y:n Top Position of dialog box
-w:n Width of dialog box
-h:n Height of dialog box
-noclose (disallow forced close)
-c Center message in dialog box
-ch Center message horizontally in dialog box
-cv Center message vertically in dialog box
-cj Center justify each line of the message
-rj Right justify each line of the message
-update Updates the message by reloading the MessageFile
-close Closes the copy of ShowMsg associated with MessaageFile
-cancel Simulates user pressing the cancel button
-canclose Updates the message, and allows user to manually close

ShowMsgX is a small Windows command line program which may be used to send update, close, cancel, and canclose commands to a running copy of ShowMsg.

The advantage to using ShowMsgX is that it's small size allows faster execution and the user doesn't see the taskbar change when the second copy of ShowMsg loads.