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(12-19-1998 9:08am SAFEDISK.EXE)
SAFEDISK - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1989. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [options] Filespec
Where: [options] -d process subdirectories
-r process only files marked read-only
-i innoculate mode
-f fast mode
If no options used SAFEDISK assumes Filespec is a log
file from a previous innoculation, and attempts to compare
all files referenced in the log file, reporting any changed

In the innoculate (-i) mode, SAFEDISK calculates the signature
of all files matching Filespec and writes the information to
the standard output device (the screen, if not redirected).
To create a SAFEDISK log file, redirect the output to a file
like this:

The command line above will create an innoculation file
named containing signatures for all files
on the current drive, in all directories, which are marked