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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

PDB2File - Copyright (C) 2013, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 0.9.0 sales1Usage: SourceFile DestinationFile

PDB2File reads SourceFile, assumed to be a Palm OS PDB file,
and writes a tab-delimited text file.

The dbtype of SourceFile determines the format of the DestinationFile.
dbtypes supported: call

-? Display this usage
-df: DateTime format. "is replaced with "/".
Example: "-df:mh:nn:ss.zzz amis: m/d/yyyy h:nn:ss.zzz am/pm
default format is: yyyy-mm-dd am h:nn:ss (readable and sortable)
-Dump write a hex dump of data contained in SourceFile (all dbtypes).
-Header write the db header (all dbtypes).