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(03-03-1997 8:47am PCXMERGE.EXE)
Usage: PCXFile1 Operation PCXFile2 OutputPCXFile
Where: PCXFile1 and PCXFile2 are two PCX files to be processed
OutputPCXFile is the output file which results from merging
PCXFile1 and PCXFile2.
Operation is:
OR (or +) : performs a logical OR
(equivalent to a transparent overlay of the two files)
AND : performs a logical AND
(equivalent the intersection of the two files,
only dots which are black in BOTH files appear)
XOR (or -): performs a logical XOR
(equivalent to subtracting images, only dots which are
black in one file but not the other appear)
PCXFile1 is the "Master" and determines the size of the output.