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OCRFAX - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1993. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: PCXFileName[options] TextFileName [FontFileName]
Reads a PCX graphics file named PCXFileName, performs an OCR
(Optical Character Recognition) operation writing the resulting
text to TextFileName. If TextFileName exists, it is
overwritten without warning.
OCR operations assume PCXFileName resulted from a character
generated FAX transmission, such as is produced by a FAX board.
Scanned images, such as are sent from a conventional FAX machine,
are not intended to be used with this program.
Options are:
/? for this help screen.
/T for training mode. In training mode, TextFileName is read
and compared to character images found in PCXFileName.
/C Writes Characters from FontFile to Std Output
If FontFileName is omitted, default is: OCRFAX.OCR