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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

mktemp - Copyright (C) 2009, Incode Systems, Inc.

Usage: [options] [Prefix]
mktemp creates a unique file, or directory, and writes the
name to the standard output. The name starts with Prefix
and is appended with a random 4 digit hex number.
ERRORLEVEL is set to 1 if creation fails, and nothing
is written to the standard output.

-? Usage
-d (create a directory instead of a file).
-e Extension (the extension suffixed to the file).
-p Path (the directory in which file will be created).

If Prefix or any option values contain spaces, surround with
double quotes.

mktemp (makes a temporary file is the current directory)
mktemp MyPrefix (makes a temporary file named MyPrefixXXXX)
(XXXX is replaced with a random hex number)
mktemp -p "%TEMP%" MyPrefix (makes a temporary file named MyPrefixXXXX)
in the users temporary directory

Version 0.9.1
To see complete usage, type mktemp /? | more