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(10-17-1995 3:00pm MKFILE.EXE)
Usage: BaseFileName ChangedFileName ChangesFileName
(All files assumed to be text files)
MkFile reads BaseFileName and ChangesFileName and creates ChangedFileName by
applying changes contained in ChangesFileName to BaseFileName.
ChangesFileName is a text file containing the following commands:
n1 [,n2] d = Deletes lines n1-n2 in BaseFileName
n1 [,n2] c = Change lines n1-n2 in BaseFileName
n1 a = Appends lines following line n1 in BaseFileName
(changed lines, or lines to append, immediately follow the command
and are immediately followed by a line containing a single ".")
@ Y,M,D,H,M,S = This command specifies the timestamp for ChangedFileName
ERRORLEVEL is set to 1 if errors are encountered, error messages are
sent to the Standard Error Device and ChangedFileName is deleted.
Line lengths are limited to 255.