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MailFile - (C) Copyright 2001 Incode Systems, Inc.

Usage: SendTo SendCC SendBCC Subject Message Attachment1 Attachment2

SendTo = One or more E-Mail names as shown in the MSMail Address Book
(Multiple names separated with a semicolon ";")
SendCC = CC (carbon copy) recipients (same form as SendTo)
SendBCC = BCC (blind carbon copy) recipients (same form as SendTo)
Subject = Subject surrounded by double quotes

Message = Message filename
Attachment1 = File name

Parameters omitted should be replaced with an underscore ("_").
Message file and Attachment file(s) must be short file names.
Use underscores in subject in place of spaces.

MAILFILE constructs a temporary directory in the job queue identified in
SENDMAIL.INI and sends a job to the same directory which runs
SENDMAIL and then cleans up the temporary files.
See SENDMAIL help for additional information about SENDMAIL.