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(03-13-1997 6:52am MAIL.EXE)
MAIL - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1990. All Rights Reserved.

MAIL is a fully automatic, unattended machine to machine mail program,
allowing the error free transfer of files to/from any machine running
another copy of this program, or any communications program supporting
the XMODEM protocol.

Usage: Mode
Where: Mode is: Mail (mail), O (open), C (check), S (send), R (receive)
Usage: M FileName RecipientLoginId[@GATEWAY] SenderLoginId Subject
Usage: O [Login]
Usage: C [Login]
Usage: S[D] RecipientLoginId [LogFileExt]
Usage: R[n] [Minutes] [LogFileExt]

Mail Mode:
Mail Mode copies one or more files (*,? accepted), to the
mail box of RecipientLoginId. Mail assumes a subdirectory exists
beneath the current directory with the same name as RecipientLoginId.
RecipientLoginId may contain *,? or a list file may be used
(preceed the file name with @).
Addressee@Gateway means mail To: Addressee using mailbox named GATEWAY)

Hit a key to continue ...
Open Mode opens mail for the login with the environment spec: NAME
A login may be entered to override. If command line is used, first mail item
is saved to current directory.
In this mode, each LOG file is shown with option to:
[R]ead, [K]ill, [S]ave, [F]orward, [N]ext, [Q]uit, [H]elp:

Check Mode shows undelivered mail for login with environment spec:
NAME. A login may be entered to override.
In this mode, each LOG file is shown with option to:
[R]ead, [K]ill, [S]ave, [F]orward, [N]ext, [Q]uit, [H]elp:

Send Mode Usage: S[D] RecipientLoginId [LogFileExt]
If the modem is online when run in send mode, MAIL will do an
immediate send using the current connection, otherwise MAIL dials
the number.
The S may be followed immediately by a D to force dialing whether
online or not; this option must be used to dial if your modem forces
the Carrier Detect line to ON.
LogFileExt defaults to .LOG; override for multiuser systems.

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Receive Mode Usage: R[n] [Minutes] [LogFileExt]
Receive Mode will wait for incoming calls. An optional second
parameter on the command line may be used to limit the number
of minutes MAIL will wait for incoming calls.
If R is followed by a number (1-9), MAIL will answer the phone
after n rings. The default is to not answer (modem auto-answers).
LogFileExt defaults to .LOG; override for multiuser systems.
To override LogFileExt with unlimited minutes, enter 0 for minutes.

Mail boxes:
MAIL uses a "home" subdirectory identified in the environment table
as MAIL=subdirectory. Mail boxes are subdirectories beneath the home
directory which contain a file named MAIL.ID. Mail.ID is a text file
containing a telephone number on line 1, LogIn on line 2, send mode
password on line 3, and receive mode password on line 4. When mail is
received, it is placed in appropriate mailbox as two files. A file
with a root name beginning with a $ and LOG extension contains the
address information for the item. A file with the same root name as
the LOG file but with a RCV extension is the actual file received.
When mail is queued to be sent, a LOG file is created and the file
to be sent is in a file with the same root name and a SND extension.
Files are automatically deleted after successfully sent.

The COM port defaults to 1, but may be changed by adding
MODEM=COMn: to the environment table.