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(Windows 95 or higher)
JoinTab - Copyright (C) 2004-2009, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 1.2.0

Usage: [options] [n:m|CROSS] File1 [File2] [OutFileName]
Where n is the column number from File1 that matches column m in File2
If more than one column, separate with commas (no spaces): 1,2:3,4
(col 1 in File1 to col 3 in File2, and col 2 in File1 to col 4 in File2)
If CROSS is given instead of match columns, a cross join is performed
(every row of File1 is matched to every row of File2)
File2 is the file to join to File1.
-c:n,m Append columns n and m from File2 to output.
(default is all columns from File2 that are not match columns are appended,
ALL may be used to include all columns from File2)
-i inner join. If no match in File2, row is excluded from output
(default is a left outer join)
-h- No Header. Default is first row of File1 and File2 are the header
(rows may not have consistent number of columns)
-p- No padding output with tabs. Default: consistent number of columns per row
-r- No rename File2 header row.
(default is column headings in File2 matching File1 are appended with _1)
-1 One match. Default is multiple matching rows from File2 produce multiple
output rows. One match includes only the first match from File2.
Columns from File2 are appended to the columns from File1 in OutputFile.