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INIUtil - Copyright (C) 2009, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 0.9.0

INIUtil creates, reads, and writes INI files.

Usage: Read INIFile Section Ident [Default]
Returns value of Ident in Section of file INIFile to Standard Output.

Usage: Write INIFile Section Ident [Value]
Writes Value to INIFile in Section with given Ident.
If INIFile does not exist, it is created.

Usage: ReadSection INIFile Section [Delim]
Returns Section as tab-delimited text to Standard Output.
Delim defaults to a tab character (ASCII 9).
If Delim starts with #, the ASCII number is used.

Usage: WriteSection INIFile Section [TabFile] [Delim]
Erases Section and replaces with values the first two columns of TabFile.
If TabFile not given, reads from Standard Input.
Use CON for TabFile to specify Delim and use Standard Input.

Usage: EraseSection INIFile Section
Erases Section.

INIUtil checks the environment for INIPath. If found, the path
is used as the default path. If not found, USERPROFILE is checked and
used if found. If neither is found, path default is determined by the
operating system. If INIFile includes a path, the path given is used.
To specify the current directory as a path, use .ERRORLEVEL is set to:
0 - Operation completed successfully.
1 - INIFile file not found.
2 - Open INIFile file failed.
3 - Read Data file error.
4 - Write Data file error.
5 - Unexpected error.

INIUtil - Copyright (C) 2009, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 0.9.0
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