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(03-08-1996 8:37am HP2PCX.EXE)
HP2PCX - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1992. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [Options] InFile OutFile[.PCX]
HP2PCX reads a file assumed to contain output to an HP DeskJet
(or LaserJet) printer. Text Data is ignored, any graphics data
is converted to a PCX file.
Options: (options must be immediately preceeded by - or /)
-N (Negative: produces white dots on black background)
-S (split pages to separate files)
-D (Displays messages about unsupported commands encountered)

If -S option is used, each time HP2PCX encounters a "Start Graphics"
command, a new PCX file is started with a unique file name beginning
with "$". The page number and file name are echoed to the screen.
This allows printer output containing multiple pages, or containing
mixed graphics and text, to be separated.

HP2PCX expects graphics commands defining contiguous graphical
scan lines. Programs sending random page access commands may
not be translated properly.