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GDMLPrt - Copyright (C) Incode Systems, Inc. 2003-2008.

Usage: [options] InFileName[.gdm] [PrinterName]
Options: (case sensitive, may be preceeded with a - or /)
-T "My Print Job Title" (Sets the print job title shown in the print queue
Suppress floating point errors
-L (Landscape, or sideways, printing. Default is the default for the printer.
-PrinterList (sends list of printers to standard output)
-FontList (sends list of printers to standard output)
-? help (this screen)
-help (this screen)
Any parameter containing spaces should be surrounded by double quotes.
A minus sign after the option turns it off (example: -L- for not Landscape or portrait).
Current directory and program directory is checked for GDMLPrt.ini
which is a text file in the form: Option=OptionValue example: PrinterName=HP DeskJet 500
An initialization file may specified on the command line like this: If PrinterName is: PrintDialog, a standard printer dialog is displayed.
If PrinterName is not given, or is invalid, the default printer is used.

Version 0.9.3
mailto:infoTo see complete usage, type: GDMLPrt /? | MORE