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(Version 0.9)

(Windows Program 95 or higher)

FindTab - Copyright (C) 2004-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.

Usage: [options] "Search Key" [InFileName] [OutFileName]
Reads InFileName and writes all lines containing Search Key
to OutFileName.
InFileName may contain wildcard characters (?,*)
If InFileName not given (or CON:), standard input is used.
If OutFileName not given, standard output is used.
Line length is limited to 262144 characters.

-a:*rash search only files with matching attributes:
r)eadonly, a)rchive, s)ystem, h)idden
default is normal files (not system or hidden)
-a:a to search only files which are archive
-a:sh to search only files which are either system or hidden
-a:* to search all files, including system or hidden
-c:n column number to search (first is 1)
(if no column given, all are searched)
-d:n change file name / line number delimiter to ASCII n
(default is 58 ":")
-e set ERRORLEVEL to number of lines returned
(even if errors are encountered ERRORLEVEL is lines found)
-f prefix each line with relative path and file name
(automatically set if ? or * in InFileName)
-f- Do not prefix each line with file name
-i ignore case
-m match the exact key to the column (used only with -c)
(default is key anywhere in column)
-n display line numbers in output
-p prefix each line with full path and file name
-unc like -p but use UNC name for network files.
-s search subdirectories for files matching InFileName
-v invert search (return all rows that do NOT match)

Error messages are written to the standard error device.

ERRORLEVEL 0 if Search Key is found in one or more files.
ERRORLEVEL 1 if Search Key is not found in any files.
ERRORLEVEL 2 if error opening one or more input files.
ERRORLEVEL 3 if I/O Error writing to output file.

Version 1.3.4 sales1To see complete usage, type FileTab -? | more