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(Windows Program 95 or higher)

Usage: [options] FileName

EditMemo is a windows utility program which may be called from another program or a batch file to get text input from the user. The user cannot load another file or save to another file name or print the file. These restrictions are often desired compared to using notepad or another text editor which allows the user to do something which the program or batch does not expect.

White space is trimmed from the right of each line and blank lines are removed from the bottom when the file is loaded or saved.

In addition, the following options may be included on the commandline. Options are before the file name and are preceeded by a hyphen ("-") or a slash ("/"). Note: when an equal sign ("=") is used, do not include spaces on either side of the equal sign.

-c (child mode centers on foreground window and uses it's icon)
Use -Icon=@ to override the icon.

-d (delete file if empty)

-readonly (disables changing or saving the file)

-maxlength=n (each line in the file is limited to n characters default limit is 1024)

-maxlines=n (limits number of lines in the file to n lines, default is unlimited).

"-Title=New App Title"
-Title=@ (Title is default "{FileName} - Edit Memo")

-width=n (width of the window in pixels, default is 435, if -1 is used, window width is set to screen width).

-height=n (height of the window in pixels, default is 300, if -1 is used, window height is set to screen height).