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(08-23-1993 12:03pm DISKDUP.EXE)
DISKDUP - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1990-1993. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: SourceDrive[options]
DISKDUP 2.0 is a high performance diskette duplicator,
allowing multiple diskettes to be produced from a single read.

Usage: SourceDrive FileName
This mode stores the diskette indicated by SourceDrive in a file
named FileName.

Usage: FileName TargetDrive[options]
This mode creates a diskette on TargetDrive from the file named FileName

/F All diskettes are formatted.
/S Copies serial number from source (else generate new Serial Number)

The two modes allowing diskettes to be stored in files are useful for:
- transmitting diskettes via modem
- storing diskettes on tape
- reproducing sets of diskettes on demand