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(Windows Program 3.1 or higher)
(10-03-2000 10:30am DBMSMGR.EXE)

(see DBMSMGR Help for details)

DBMSMGR is a windows-based utility program for performing the following on Paradox or dBase database files:
Browse and/or edit files in a spreadsheet-like grid.

Export all data to a tab-delimited text file.

Import from Tables, Comma Separated Variable or tab-delimited text files. Point and click mapping from import source to destination. Imports may be specified and saved in import files for production imports.

Rebuild indexes.

Pack dBase and Paradox Tables.

Copy, Rename, Empty or Delete Tables.

Toolbar buttons for loading Database Engine configuration program and both 16 and 32 bit ODBC Administor programs.

Table Properties toolbar button displays table information, including field and index structures displayed in a grid. Field and Index information may be easily copied to the clipboard for use other programs.

May be used as a command line utility to perform maintenance functions (like export) on a large number of tables from a batch.