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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

ConUtil - Copyright (C) 2011-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 1.3.3 sales1Usage: [options] Action1 [Action2 [Action3]]

ConUtil performs the actions listed on the command line to modify
the command prompt window.

Action is one of the following:

Bottom (move to the bottom of the z-order)
BufferSize:x,y (change buffer size to x,y)
CursorSize[:n] percentage of line height (default: 25)
Flash[:n[,ms]] example: Flash:5,1000 (5 time with 1000 ms delay)
(if n = 0, window is shown and flashes until window is focused)
GetCursorSize (writes current cursor size to standard output)
Hide (hide the window)
Icon:IconFile.ico (changes the icon)
If icon file is not found, ErrorLevel is set to 1.
If icon file is not given, icon is reset to the original icon.
If icon file ends with ,n the nth icon is used.
.ico, .exe, or .dll files allowed.
MaxSize (writes maximum X and Y window size)
MoveTo:x,y (move the cursor to column x, row y)
NoTopMost (make the window not a topmost window)
Restore (restore minimized window)
SetFocus (make window the foreground window)
Show (show a hidden window)
"Title:My New Title" (change window title)
note: this action temporarily changes the title. When the console
returns to a prompt. The original title is then restored.
TITLE in a batch permanently changes the title.
Top (move window to the top without setting focus)
TopMost (make the window stay on top)
WindowedMode (opposite of FullScreen)
WindowMove:x,y (move window to x,y)
(use negative numbers for relative to the right and bottom.
example: 0,0 is top left, -0,-0 is bottom right)
WindowSize:x,y (change window size to x,y)