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(10-03-1995 4:57pm CLONE.EXE)
CLONE - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1995. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: SourcePath DestPath [OPTIONS]
Where: SourcePath and DestPath are directory paths (not file names).
CLONE causes DestPath to match SourcePath.
- DestPath is first compared to SourcePath and all files and subdirectories
not found in SourcePath are deleted.
- SourcePath is then compared to DestPath and all files not found, or with
mismatched time or size, are updated. File Attributes are updated to match
SourcePath files.
N - No fixup. Messages about needed updates are shown, but no updates
are performed.
L - List files on destination which would be changed (Updated or Deleted)
A - Add updates only. No DestPath files are deleted, no directories removed.