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CHEKPROT - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1992. All Rights Reserved.

Check Protect Text Filter.
CHEKPROT filters text files, replacing text representations
of numbers with verbose dollar amount description, as commonly
used on checks (ex: One thousand three hundred and 34/100).
It also pads numbers with asterisks and replaces numbers <=0
with the words NON-NEGOTIABLE.

CHEKPROT reads text from the DOS Standard Input Device,
intercepting commands and transforming the text in accord
with the commands. Commands begin with the ",CmdCh," character
and operate on the text following the command up to the next
",CmdCh," character is encountered.
Filtered text is written to the DOS Standard Output Device

Vn - Verbose, where n is the width of the verbose number
*n - Asterisks fill, where n is the width of the fields
Command Example: ^V50 140.56^
Result: ********************* One hundred forty and 56/100