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CALLWAIT - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1992. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [EXIT=Minutes] [SETUP=ModemSetup]
CALLWAIT waits for a ring on the modem attached to serial port
1 by default, or overridden by port number on command line.
Environment spec MODEM will also override the default.
Add the line: SET MODEM=COM2:

The optional Minutes parameter specifies the time after which
CALLWAIT will exit if no call is received.

CALLWAIT answers the call, cancels CALL WAITING by performing
the dial sequence: (switchhook) *70
CALLWAIT then sends the optional modem setup string.
CALLWAIT then exits with the data connection established
allowing the next program in a batch file to execute.
(Note: the program must function properly with an existing connection)

ERRORLEVEL is set as follows:
0 - CALLWAIT has successfully answered a call.
1 - Unable to communicate with modem.
2 - CALLWAIT exited due to Timeout.
3 - CALLWAIT incoming call failed to CONNECT.
4 - Command line parameter error.
255 - CALLWAIT exited by operator.