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(11-01-1995 10:49am CALC.EXE)
CALC - 5.0 (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1990-1995. All Rights Reserved.

(Ctrl-Z to exit)
Math Coprocessor installed

CALC is an extended precision calculator (19 significant digits)
allowing conventional algebraic entry, using parentheses.

Operators are evaluated in the following order:
"operators: "+","-", and "NOT"
"*","/","AND", and "MOD"
"+","-","OR", and "XOR"
Relational Operators: "=","<>","<",">","<=", and ">="
(Relational Operators return 0 (FALSE) or -1 (TRUE)

Parentheses may be used to override the order of evaluation.
Operators with the same precedence are evaluated left to right.
Starting a line with an operator will automatically use the previous
result as the first operand, in the same way as a calculator.

An "@" in a formula will be replaced with the result from the previous

If a formula is entered on the command line, the formula is calculated
and CALC exits immediately. If there is input available, it is read
and treated as the previous result.
CALC reads from the standard input device, so entire text files of
formulas may be calculated in one run. Simply redirect CALC's input
using " using ">filename" on the command line. See DOS manual on redirection
for more information.

You may also use the DOS editing keys:
F1/-> copies previous line by one character
F2/C copy to next character C
F3 copy to end of line
F4/C skip to next character C
F5 accept current line as template and continue edit
F6 generate (end of file character)
CALC exits when EOF (Ctrl-Z) is reached.
This help screen may be reached at any time by entering a ?

The following functions are supported:

ABS(N) Absolute Value of N
ARCTAN(N) Arctangent of N
COS(N) Cosine of N
EXP(N) Natural Antilog (EXPonent) of N
FRAC(N) Fractional portion of N
INT(N) Integral portion of N
LN(N) Natural log (base e) of N
RANDOM(N) Random number in range [0..N]
ROUND(N) Rounded integral portion of N
SIN(N) Sine
SQRT(N) Square root of N
SQR(N) Square of N
TAN(N) Tangent of N

(End of Usage)