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(12-01-2001 4:44pm AutoPlay.exe)
AutoPlay runs the command on the command line in a similar way to START.

It is primarily designed to include on AutoPlay CD-ROM's.

About AutoPlay CD-ROM's

An AutoPlay CD-ROM is one that automatically starts an application program when the CD is inserted.

To prevent an AutoPlay CD-ROM from automatically starting the application, hold the left Shift key down when the CD is inserted.

If the CD is already in the drive, you can AutoPlay it by right-clicking the CD drive icon in My Computer (or in Explorer) and selecting AutoPlay.

How to create an AutoPlay CD-ROM

To create an AutoPlay CD-ROM, you only need to include a text file in the root of the CD named autorun.inf .


open = index.htm
icon = iexplore.ico

The autorun.inf file above indicates that the file to be opened is index.htm and the icon to be used to represent this CD in Explorer is iexplore.ico. Since these file names are not preceeded with a path, it is assumed they are in the root of the CD.

If the open file defined in autorun.inf is a file with an extension other than exe, the AutoPlay function of the operating system uses the program associated with the extension of the file. In our example, the htm extension is normally associated with an internet web browser.

Unfortunately, the example shown above will not work on a number of versions of the operating system, even though the documentation for autorun files indicates that this example should work. This AutoPlay program solves this problem by allowing you to include AutoPlay.exe in the root of the CD and create an autorun.inf file that looks like this:

open = autoplay index.htm
icon = iexplore.ico

Even if your version of the operating system supports the first example autorun.inf file properly, using AutoPlay is a safer way to go, since it will allow your CD to be AutoPlayed on any version of the operating system.

AutoPlay also supports command line parameters for programs which is not supported when the autorun.inf file is used alone.