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(08-12-1993 10:14am AT.EXE)
(see also: CRON)

AT - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1992. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: TIME [DAY] [[/F=FileName][/M=Machine]]
TIME is the time to schedule the process.
May be entered as 1pm, 01:00pm, 13, 1300, 13:00, etc.
Alternatively, the word "now" may be used for the current time.

Press a key to continue ...

Day defaults to the current day, but may be:
Month Daynumber: at 6am feb 28
(month may be first 3 letters or full month name)
Tomorrow: at 6am tomorrow
+n: at 6am +3
(+n means 3 days from today)
Day of week: at 6am fr
(day of week may be first 2 letters or full day name)
WEEK: at 6am week
(week means 7 days from today)
DAY WEEK: at 6am fr week
(day week means 7 days from day)

FILE defaults to Standard Input and contains the batch lines
to be executed.

MACHINE defaults to the environment spec NAME