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(10-28-1998 3:15pm APPLY.EXE)
APPLY 3.0 - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1987-1995. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [options] "CommandLine % RemainingLine"
Command to be executed is entered on the command line
quoted with either double or single quote marks.
A % must be included in the command to indicate the position
where the parameter is to be inserted in the command.
the command is executed for each parameter received from
the standard input device, or file/device named.
APPLY searches for an executable in the same way as DOS,
starting with the current directory and each directory in the
PATH environment variable. If the executable (.COM or .EXE) is
found, APPLY runs the program directly. If not found, or a BAT,
APPLY runs COMMAND.COM with a /C option to execute the command.
When APPLY echos commands run through COMMAND.COM, they are
preceeded with >. The /E option will not work for commands
executed through COMMAND.COM, since COMMAND.COM hides the ERRORCODE.
- More - Hit a key
/S option suppresses echoing of the command.
/E exit if errorlevel is set, & set a matching errorlevel.

APPLY InputFileName "COPY % A:"