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ANSI_EDI - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1993. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: SEND [port]
Usage: RECEIVE [port]

ANSI_EDI implements ANSI Asynchronous Guidelines for Electronic
Data Interchange (EDI)
ANSI_EDI may be configured through the command line and/or environment.
Environment table spec: MODEM=1 (or MODEM=COM1:) may be used
to override the default communications port (COM1:).

ANSI_EDI does not initialize the protocol on the COM port
and does not hangup the phone when exiting; the program assumes
both a connection and a communications session have been established
by another program.

ANSI_EDI exits with ERRORLEVEL 1 if an error occurred during the session
A file named ANSI_EDI.n (where n is COM port number)
is created containing a complete script of the session.
A file named ANSICALL.n is created (or appended) with
a line for each session showing the date & time the session started,
the duration, status, FileSendCount, and FileReceiveCount.